Apply for SALSA Resources

How to apply

This page outlines the process for requesting data/biological samples from SALSA. 

Step 1: Define your dataset

Use our data explorer to dynamically build your cohort/dataset. When you finalise this set, note down your query identifier (e.g. #QS289) and export your query page as a pdf. 

Step 2: Complete our online application form

Complete our online application form. As part of the form, you will be asked to upload your data explorer output and HREC approval (if applicable). Please also take note of our sample and data access fees and conditions of use outlined at the bottom of this page.

Note that the application form must be completed in one sitting – it cannot be saved and resumed later. 

Step 3: We will be in touch

You will receive an email notification to confirm that your application has been successfully submitted.

We will be in touch shortly to progress your application. Once approved, data and samples may be used under terms of use agreed upon by both parties. 

Cost Recovery - Sample and Data Access

Access to SALSA samples and data will incur a cost to cover the labour involved to work with the data and samples requested. Samples and data access will be bound by terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties. 

  • Initial project access fees start at $2,000.00
  • Data request and collations $105.00 / hour
  • Sample handling and aliquoting starts at $10.28 / sample
  • Freight charts are calculated separately by a reputable courier company and will be billed directly to requesting party

The above costings are indicative only, a more specific budget will be calculated when data/sample request is submitted.